Monday, 23 May 2011


Recently the CDC have constructed a Zombie Preparedness Guide.

Are the CDC trying to forewarn of an impending Zombie takeover in which the deceased rise from the grave and start hunting for human brains!

The Emergency Kit they suggest everyone keeps in their homes has all

the usual things like:
Food, Medications etc...

But nowhere in the kit do i see Chainsaws or blunt objects like Baseball Bats. If games like Left 4 Dead taught us anything, it's that you can never have enough blunt objects lying around because Baseball Bats don't run out of ammo!



  1. I'd suggest using a different font on your page, this is incredibly hard to read for me, but about your post. lol @ the zombie thing :P

  2. yeah saw this too, friend just told me about it

  3. good first post, welcome to blogger

  4. all i need is a double barrel shotgun and a fist full of ammo

  5. That sounds pretty ridiculous to me, but it's funny. What the hell?


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