Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Rapture Day

Rapture Predictor Harold Camping failed to accurately 'guess' predict the day of Rapture, and has decided to give it another go.

Harold said that May 21 was in actual fact the start of it all, and that we would suffer "Destruction and Famine" for 5 months until October 21 when the real Rapture will take place killing us all or even (heaven forbid) making us all Zombies.

This may very well be why CDC have made a
Zombie Preparedness Guide.

So make a note in your calendars:
October 21 - Rapture Day!

[Image: www.solariasun.com]


  1. if my calculations are correct,this guy is a nutjob

  2. LOL, that guy should stop and take a wiff of the Bull!@#$ coming out his mouth. Very interesting

  3. He's a nut. He's made several other predictions that have all been false as well.

  4. Haha, I agree with Sebastian, holy fuck. lol

    Did it all =D

  5. lmao, he'll probably not want to show his face on television ever again.

    he probably thinks if he can get people to convert it will all be worth it.

  6. Oh noes! Rapture :(

    I bet you that we will hear another lie in 9 months or so.. maybe a year or two if were lucky.

  7. He will probably be died by October either by old age or from the people the he owes money to


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