Sunday, 29 May 2011

Starwars or Graduation!

Two seniors at Westfield High School have been suspended for two days with the principal forcing then to miss their graduation.

A choreographed light saber battle  took place in the lunchroom after which they were given a standing ovation by the student body. The administration didn't take as kindly to the stunt claiming it to be dangerous.“They very easily could have hit another student, they could have started something different…someone could have gotten hurt,” said Westfield High School Principal Raymond Broderick.
Since then a Facebook page has been erected calling for them to partake in the graduation now has hundreds of supporters.
The principal says there will be a hearing next week to discuss whether they will be able to walk at graduation.

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  1. this is ridiculous, kids who likely made decent grades get suspended but i guarantee some terrible students will be allowed to walk with no issue

  2. That is absolute BS man


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