Monday, 30 May 2011

Liberty City Gets Google Maps Street View

80,000 Screenshots later, the guys who run have added their latest feature to the interactive GTA IV Google Map.

"All roads are covered, except for a few on/off-ramps that weren't very interesting," writes Adam from "There's around 3,000 separate panoramas which were stitched together from almost 80,000 in-game screenshots (captured with a script) and the final set of tiles consist of over a million images."

There are apparently some Hidden Easter Eggs scattered throughout the city.

[GTA IV Google Map Street View]
[Full Article]


  1. That's awesome, I played GTA earlier actually

  2. haha That's awesome. I saw one of these a while ago for Oblivion. Makes me want to play GTA again.

  3. Havent played this in yonks :P

  4. Thats great! belive me i will have fun with that haha

  5. That would have been a hell kind of work without the script.

  6. That's great. Nice blog, following.


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