Friday, 27 May 2011

Strong start. Retarded Finish!

[Image: San Mateo County sheriff]
Samuel Kioskli, what were you thinking? How could you have possibly believed that your plan would work?

Now our friend Samuel had come up with what he thought could quite possibly be the most elaborate crime on the planet! Sam worked for the company Diebold, who service ATM's for Bank of America. On the July 4 Sam went to 6 ATM's in San Francisco and 1 in Daly City. Now you might wonder what he did, well he replaced about $200,000 worth of $20 Bills with counterfeits and photocopied bills. Up to this point his plan was a good one, who would have thought to replace the money in the ATM's.

Now we might not be ones to judge, but gaining access to the ATM's with your work access card is never a good move to make. If that wasn't enough, they caught you on the CCTV camera's at all 7 locations!

The next day you 'abandoned you wife and disappeared'. What makes this all worse was that they caught you in Phoenix! 10 months after the theft took place. Why would you go to Phoenix after having basically robbed a bank, and then stayed there for a whole 10 months!

You Sir have be awarded the Badge of Shame. Wear it proud and keep it clean.


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